Sikander Lodhi


Sikander Lodhi, Fashion Journalism Major & I currently live in Alameda California.

Generally called "Lodhi", a memory of good old days in the Army. I am a Retired Veteran of US Army, and recently moved from Oklahoma back to the San Fran Bay Area. Single father of two teenage boys.

My Hobbies

Among my hobbies is cooking, beaching, spending time with my kids and my dog. I love to travel across the globe and i am fortunate that my passion for fasshion and financial literacy both allows me to travel across US & the globe.

My Passion & Goals

I don't work as in have a J. O. B. or clocking hours for someone to pay my bills. I have life goals and passions and thats what I spend my time on. I strongly dislike the idea of slaving my time for someone.

Fashion, especially fashion photography and fashion magazines are my passion. I have been working for past few years to learn and develop a portfolio as a fashion photographer. I have worked with various designers and models, and was fortunate enough to travel to NYFW & Paris FW in past few years with my clients. I still have a long way to go as far as my portfolio and my goals. I have a few fashion magazine ideas that i want to bring to reality, and thus my major in Fashion Journalism, in order to leran, understand, network and apply the knowledge.

When I am not working on something fashion related, I am passionately talking to someone, educating them on how money works. In my life experience, I have seen how money has become so central in our lives that it controls almost all our actions. And I disagree with that. So I spend my time educating people about how to control their money, and therefore control their own future. I am part of a National Financial Literacy Campaign with a goal to educate 1 million families in North America by 2020. I am proud of what we do for families, breaking the chains of debt and slavery of credit cards.